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Todo10 has been helping forums for 10 years. They specialize in forum maintenance, hosting, migration, plug-in development, and more. Their performance has earned them a reputation for exemplary service. Threadloom is proud to partner with Todo10 for customized setup assistance with Threadloom products, and special discounts on other Todo10 services.

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Todo10's monthly maintenance plans include forum, plug-in, and theme installation and upgrades, 24/7 technical support, site security, and more.

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Fast, reliable, and secure hosting from Todo10. All hosting plans come with daily remote backups, cPanel access, and 24/7 support.

Platform migration, spam and hacking prevention, web design, and more.

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"Todo10 is fantastic. Skilled in solving Forum and other problems and fast acting. I get a response immediately and soon after the problem or question is resolved."

Andy Gilchrist,

"I have worked with Todo10 on several forums, they are very knowledgeable, fast and efficient, responsive to any issues you have, reasonable and super dedicated in providing the highest level of customer service."

Kurt Turner, owner

"I'm very glad that I chose to partner with Todo10 to help solve some very serious problems on my 13 year old community site. They have really taken a lot of weight off my shoulders, right from the start. Highly recommended!"

Anthony Morelli, owner

"I want to emphasis that these guys are amazing. I want to create a clone of their developers who endeavor to create vast quantities of quality solutions for my businesses. They are the most professional developers I have ever come across. Quick, Fast, Reliable."

Kevin Ban

"When you run a busy online community such as mine problems can arise at any time, the support team is extremely flexible, always replies to my emails or Skype questions within 10 minutes, Todo10 turnaround is impressive and on top of that the staff is 100% bilingual."


"If you are in need of help, do not hesitate to reach out to, we will be a long time customer, and we look forward to using them time and time again. If you can not afford to be down look to them!! Quick, Fast, Reliable, and the help I need!!"

Scott Whitlow, DV8 Arms Inc.

" genuinely seems to care about their customers. Both myself and the happy members at highly recommend them."

Aaron Bland, owner

"24/7 of great professional service, by far the best I've ever seen or heard of. They are simply incredible! Everything you read in other testimonials is true! Highly recommended!"

Florin Barbu,

"I decided to go with Claudio from Well, I've got to say that I was not sorry that I did. He did a awesome job! It was just good to know that I was dealing with someone who is thinking ahead."


"Todo migrated our 10 year old Vbulletin 3.8.0 with over 11 million posts to XenForo without any problems...and, for a very good price! Fast work, the people work together with you and the new XenForo working without any problems, smooth and easy...and I don't think migrating 11 million posts is that easy."

Eddy Pronishev,